About the Artist

Matthew Brown, aka Cap'n Canada

I am a third generation freelancer in my family, and take deep routes from my Opa Heinz, and Uncle Dieter. I was born and raised in the 4ix, and my heart and soul lie with Toronto, Canada. I graduated from a 2 year degree in Police Foundations, and began my career as a Automated Fingerprint Identification System civilian with the Durham Regional Police. I was adept at taking crime scene filmography, and legal still image artist. As my career, and family progressed at a pace where I was able to transition into a new role with Corporate retail, I always had a camera in my hand.

A transition between careers that have now spanned 25 years, I identify as an Ambulatory Wheelchair User, with a special and keen eye for photography, videography, website editing, social media creation, and website design.

I enjoy learning your story, finding out what drives your motivation, and take this energy into whatever project we call next!


M Brown, aka Cap'n Canada