Current Projects

Matt Brown is currently engaged in the following for 2023 commitments:

  1. Executive Produce, Film, Director and Cameo - "Game On!" G Lamarca ft. various (release date 2023)

  2. Chief Exectutive Officer - Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge (Fed Incorporated and duly operational Canada and USA. est 2021)

  3. Chief Information Officer - Heal.iOS Light Foundation (est 2022)

  4. Freelance film, video, and social media personality with a personal catalog spanning 12 years active (est 2010 - present)

  5. Keynote Speaker - Travelling with Chronic Pain - Abilities Expo, L.A. NYC, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Ft Lauderdale, Dallas

  6. Creator of the Travelling Story of the CRPS Warrior series. Filming from a Warriors perspective in life with a Insta360 GO 2 and the Insta360 X3